Thermofibers is a trading company specialised in the sale of PVA FIBER HIGH TENACITY and raw materials for fiber cement industry.

In 1992, the banning of asbestos from asbestos-cement products led to research into alternative solutions which were technically sound and which would enable these products to continue to be manufactured.

Thermofibers was one of the first companies in Italy to suspect that the ideal substitute for asbestos might be polyvinylic alcohol (PVA) fibers.

The close commercial relations and technical partnerships which have been set up over the last few years between Thermofibers and the chemical groups which manufacture PVA have made it possible to perfect a number of products specially designed for the building industries.

Thermofibers is now able to provide a wide range of products, from synthetic fibers (PVA fiber, polyester short cut fiber), PVA resin to wood pulp.

The core business is all raw materials for fiber cement industry.

Now our customers are all over the world.

We can also help the fiber cement producer to change their production to the new technology of asbestos free.

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